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Laxion representative physiotherapist

Laxion representative physiotherapist

Laxion representative physiotherapist


Ryota Komiya

Representative of R-accion

Stroke Certified Physical Therapist



Nice to meet you, this is Ryota Komiya, the representative.

My beloved grandfather had a stroke before I was in junior high school.

He was paralyzed on the right side of his body and was unable to move. He needed help with everything and was bedridden.

I wanted to become a physical therapist so that my grandfather could move his arms and legs even a little, so that he could get up on his own, so that he could talk, and so that he could do what he wanted to do.

Soon after I became a physical therapist, my grandfather passed away.

When my grandfather had a stroke and passed away, I felt a strong sense of helplessness.

That is why I have worked at university hospitals, convalescent rehabilitation hospitals, and clinics for 12 years. Through my experience in rehabilitation for various patients, I have worked as a means to prevent the recurrence of [I can't do anything] [I have no choice but to give up]. I learned a lot of methods.

Just like my grandfather, brain damage is lifelong and has no time limit.

However, since there is a deadline for rehabilitation at hospitals, etc., there were many people who had no choice but to give up on walking together because they could not continue to support them.

So I became independent.

After being discharged from the hospital and graduating from rehabilitation, were you able to recover to the point where you could say, "I want to do this! I want to do it! I want to be!"

Just by achieving the goal of leaving the hospital and being able to live somehow, do you think, "I want to do this! I want to do it! I want to be!"

Let's nurture the "I want to do this! I want to do it! I want to be it!"

It's not too late now. Would you like to start now?

In the true sense of "I can realize my thoughts", I would like to associate with him as a physical therapist until he recovers.

We pursue the best solutions to realize the thoughts that arise from our hearts.

Would you like to pursue your own best together?

I will not give up.

career history

From April 2022

April 2018 - March 2022

April 2010-March 2018

 R-accion, a training gym specializing in hemiplegia, opens (April 21)

Worked at an orthopedic sports clinic in Tokyo

College American Football Team Medical Support Staff

Worked at a convalescent rehabilitation hospital in Kanagawa Prefecture

​Certified physical therapist for stroke

​3 Acquired joint respiratory therapy certification

​Living environment coordinator class 2 acquisition

Kanagawa prefecture, university hospital rehabilitation center work

Graduated from Yokohama Rehabilitation College


Hirohiro Yokoyama

​R-accion.(Under training)

physical therapist



Nice to meet you, I am Hirohiro Yokoyama, a physical therapist.


When I was in high school, I devoted myself to handball.

During practice, I hit the ground and fell and broke my wrist.

At that time, I decided to undergo surgery for the first time in my life, and I decided to undergo rehabilitation as part of the treatment.

At that time, it was my first time, so I was very anxious and worried about whether I would be able to return.

Rehabilitation started after the surgery, and my joints were stiff and painful.

Meanwhile, the physiotherapist who was in charge moved my joints and trained my wrist muscles.

Furthermore, when I told them my concerns, they came up with a solution together.

When I saw my wrists gradually move, I thought, "It's amazing that you can use your hands to treat your body."

It was a very impressive experience that my hand, which was not likely to move, began to move through rehabilitation.

I long for such a back, and when I leave the hospital, I want to become a physical therapist who can respond to people's enthusiasm and thoughts with just one hand! I came to think so.

After that, I entered a physical therapist training school and worked as a physical therapist at a rehabilitation hospital.

There, I was in charge of rehabilitation for patients with orthopedic diseases and cerebrovascular disorders, met many patients, and acquired physical therapy knowledge and skills.

In the midst of that, I was studying to provide rehabilitation toward my goal of becoming a physical therapist.

I learned that many people who suffer from hemiplegia due to cerebrovascular disease feel that "I wanted to do something, but I can't move my hands, so I have no choice but to give up."

I wanted to make it come true at the rehabilitation hospital, and I was working hard every day.

However, patients are hospitalized one after another in search of rehabilitation.

As a result, it was very common for patients to be discharged from the hospital after they were able to make a living to some extent, and it was not possible to resolve the true feelings of hemiplegic patients.

Hemiplegia specialty training gym Laxion. has a step-by-step training method to improve paralysis, and is especially specialized in reconstructing paralyzed hands.


I thought that I could solve the wishes of paralyzed patients that I wanted to fulfill.


This technology is called Laxion. I would like to become a physiotherapist who can respond to people's enthusiasm and thoughts with one hand, which I was aiming for.

We will not only train you to improve your paralysis, but we will work with you so that you can continue your training with courage and enthusiasm.

Contact us by phone or email
Phone: 090-8226-6757
Official LINE ID: @983oeplp
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